About Us

Our Mission

Partner with influential Building Departments, Officials, Plans Examiners, Inspectors and Professional Associations to foster the development, implementation, and adherence to solar industry best practices that advance the quality and safety of solar design and installations.

Our Vision

Solar Done Right is leading the movement to advance the quality and safety of solar design and installations by having every set of solar plans reviewed using the Solar Done Right Best Practices Checklist.

Our Values

  • Help Building Departments and their Professionals deal with the increasing complexity of Codes & Regulations so they can ensure solar installations are done correctly, safely, and reliably.
  • Define the required best practices for Solar Design and make them explicit and accountable.
  • Facilitate the communication and sharing of best practices in the Solar Industry by bolstering the knowledge and skills of building officials, plans examiners, and inspectors to establish the highest standard of baseline performance using educational courses and materials.
  • Instill the discipline of high-reliability, high-performance organizations with a process of verification that is preventative and defensible against failures.
  • Respond to rapid or unexpected changes in the Solar Market.


Establish thought leadership and offer guidance using:

  • Advisory Board of Building Officials, Plans Examiners & Inspectors
  • Educational Seminars
  • Solar Done Right Checklist
  • 100% of Solar Plans are Examined using a Comprehensive Checklist.